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It’s a feat her father has never quite pulled off, despite the success of his long, predominantly domestic career. He’s a very talented man, my dad,” says Eve, loyally, although she admits that her parents’ careers had a disruptive impact on her childhood.“There’s nothing normal about being brought up by two actors,” she says.The author is caught up in a murder mystery in which a killer is taking a cue from Poe’s oeuvre.

It has reunited her with an old pal, fellow British actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

“The energy and the passion was fantastic to be around – but that has its other side, too.

We moved a lot, there was a lot of socialising and I think it was because of the unsettled nature of an actor’s life that I ended up seeking out a very structured education at Westminster School and Oxford, where the rules were rigid and people had a rigidity in their approach to life that I wasn’t familiar with.” Between school and university, she took a gap year and returned to America to study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Co-starring Cusack, Luke Evans and Brendan Gleeson, it is, perhaps, her biggest break to date. “It was a very physical shoot,” says Eve, sipping her coffee.

“I had to go through everything [the character] had to go through, including being buried alive.

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They last worked together on the 2006 British romantic comedy Starter for Ten and he has since gone on to conquer the small screen in the BBC’s Sherlock.

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