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This is an exceptionally we--lpreserved copy in nearly new condition. This300 page book is one of the must-haves for anyone serious about wooden planes.It covers the history of wooden planes in America including their ultimate demise in the early 20th century. The book includes many photos and copies of period advertisements and catalogs. I'm preserving the pictures and descriptions for informational purposes. Archives arranged by quarter: October-December, 2014 July-September, 2014 April-June, 2014 Jan-March, 2014 October-December, 2013 July-September, 2013 April-June, 2013 Jan-March, 2013 October-December, 2012 July-September, 2012 April-June, 2012 February & March, 2012 January, 2012 Oct-Dec, 2011 July-Sept, 2011 April-June, 2011 January-March, 2011 October-December, 2010 May-September, 2010 Three Roy Underhill Books. This is a very interesting book that covers all sorts of North American hardwoods in Sloane's typical style.These are three of Roy's earlier books: The Woodwright's Companion, Woodwright's Workbook. It's a large format book that's much better made than the early pocket sized editions which always seem to shed pages.It's apparently become a somewhat scarce and desirable book based on the used prices on Amazon and Abe. This Item Has Been Sold Scarce Union Tool Co Catalog Reprint. This history goes on to describe the plane making industry throughout the 19th century with pictures of planemaking tools, original correspondence and invoices, and amazing photos.This is a 54 page pocket sized catalog for the Union tool Company of New Britain, CT. The pictures of the original planemaking jigs and fixtures actually used at the Union factory are alone worth the price of the book.Roberts also discusses Solon Rust, an inventor and plane maker who worked for Chapin Roberts went on to buy the contents of the Union factory, including Rust's planemaking toolchest and describes it in detail in this book.It is a wonderful reference for anyone interested in the history of wooden planes or making wooden planes .

This Item Has Been Sold MP Walters Sons, Philadelphia 1888 Wood Workers Tools Catalog Reprint .This is a nearly new copy with the original dust jacket in excellent condition. 1845 R Timmons & Sons pattern book of tools of all trades.Roberts also adds his commentary on the importance of pattern books, the history of the Birmingham tool industry, and comments on individual plates. This Item Has Been Sold Eric Sloane: A Reverence for Wood. This Item Has Been Sold Ken Roberts: Tools for the Trades and Crafts.

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It's a useful reference, and an uncommon book to find.

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