Dating rich ladies in nigeria

There were stronger names he called me like BITCH and other curse words he would use, but I would rather not even write them.

The worst part in all of this is, after hearing these words over and over again I got used to it and even started thinking that he was right.

As far as I was concerned at that time, it was strong love and because he loved me madly, him getting upset with me, made me the monster.

Everyone around me hated the fact that I did more and more to make him happy and then they started noticing that I was loosing my happiness, I was loosing weight, I was loosing myself but the funny thing is that I didn’t even notice.

In my head I was thinking “Wow what a confident man”.

Needless to say, I fell for him hopelessly even against advice from everyone around me.

He would say things like “I am doing you a favor by being with you”, “how easy do you think it is to find a single guy like me to date a woman with kids”?

, “you are too controversial to have a sane man stay with you”, “the only thing you have going is your career other than that you are not really worth it”.

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