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First, if you Google Brigar Textile, Google asks you if you meant berger textile or briggs textile. When my first job got terminated I was so desperate to get another, and in the process a close friend told me that there was medical field research work that needed someone with my field experience. In two days the friend got back to me with good news that I was short listed for an Interview – but I was to send some Shs 1,750 for medical insurance that was to be refunded after confirmation. I told my friend that there is no job offer that require applicants to send money for insurance or any other services before employment.

How else do you think Kenya could be topping the porn sites visits by country list despite being in the bottom of Internet penetration by country list?

At least 1,000 commercial sex workers from Nairobi alone have confirmed their participation in the nude protest march and the party is continuing to mobilise politicians to join the protest march. A White House Spokesperson, Joshua Earnest, said last week the U. President planned to address the issue of gay rights and the need to protect gay rights during the visit to Kenya. From the word go, African traditional religion never recognised homosexuality.

“Homosexuality is not new to the party,” Kidala said, adding that “we forwarded a Bill to Parliament in 2013 seeking to ban same sex marriages but we have not received any notification of progress. Kenyan religious leaders have stepped up a campaign to urge Obama to drop the gay rights subject matter. Homosexuality was never part of this continent,” one religious leader said. “We want to catch President Obama’s intervention on this issue during his visit,” Kidala said.

Sadly, that’s how I lost a once upon a time close friend.

I don’t remember when but many years ago my mom told me to always check the price tags on supermarket shelves and later compare the same to my shopping receipt.

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