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“It’s so odd and unusual, and the character is so special. It’s really about people–you’re just people that need contact with each other, and need not to be lonely.I’d certainly never read anything like that–not as a young woman, not as an older woman, and especially in that it deals in such a quiet way about age. It’s such a special story.”If Field was excited to get the script in her hands, though, Showalter was downright thrilled to get Sally Field to play Doris.The film is delightful and challenging, and it’s also subversive as hell–we’ve seen plenty of movies where Jack Nicholson or Richard Gere have a love interest half their age, but very few movies pair a leading lady with a younger man–let alone one with an age difference as extreme as Field and Greenfield.But Field says she didn’t even think about that aspect of the script when finding Doris.“I was really looking at it through the character’s eyes, and how you bring that character to life. ’ She might have some serious issues to deal with,” Field says.Showalter has plenty of experience with silliness, of course–in films like , the jokes are there to serve the characters.“I wanted to tell a story that was funny, but that also had really sad moments, and sweet moments, and moments that moved you in a different way,” Showalter says.

Michael Showalter is one of the co-founders of the highly influential sketch comedy troupe The State, which had a show on MTV during the '90s, followed by stints in front of and behind the camera with "Stella" and "Michael & Michael Have Issues," both of which aired on Comedy Central.The poster for the film features her with a giant bow in her hair, bangs cut short, and her hair up big–and that’s something that Field found for the character.Showalter, she says, allowed her to create the whole look.“I imitated a Brigitte Bardot hairdo–she used one of those postiches, and they had a big thing tied around it, and she had long bangs.“As soon as she agreed to do the movie, I changed my own goal–just to help her do what she needs to do, and to help Sally give the performance that she’s capable of giving.That was not easy, because I’d never worked with someone of her stature,” he says.

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