Negative aspects of internet dating services

There are seven PAEs, namely, excited, delighted, happy, glad, satisfied, self-assured and proud.

I chose to model seven positive anticipatory emotions (PAEs) and 10 negative anticipatory emotions (NAEs) on three dimensions of behavioural volition: territory planning, account-specific planning and effort.In the same vein, in an online dating searching task, the success of finding a satisfactory dating candidate is a great personal stake such as self-esteem, a self-perceived subjective welfare and possible recognition from peers and family of one’s social competences (especially in a Chinese cultural context).Salespersons spend a good deal of time thinking about their selling strategy, listing steps and formulating strategies for a given promotion (territory planning); they will also target specific accounts or have their priority accounts first in pushing sales (account-specific planning); lastly, salespersons also exert personal effort, usually with comparisons to other peer salespersons in assessing the time and intensity of effort put into a task.A sample of 93 real paying members registered on online dating websites in China was employed to test the model empirically.This context entails a high personal stake and exhibits a high level of intrinsically motivating and goal-directed behaviour that appears most suitable to elicit the anticipatory emotions for this study.

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