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In 1999, Sheen and Beckinsale had a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen.

Beckinsale was cast by director Len Wiseman in Underworld, and she suggested Sheen for the role of Lucian.

Sure, I get that this movie is all about the Lycans, but why does that mean all the vampires have to be complete wimps?

All things considered, Rise of the Lycans is a B-movie, painted up to look like a Hollywood blockbuster, but lacking any of the necessary style.

She has fallen in love with Lucian, played by Michael Sheen, a werewolf who has no problem fighting the arrogant vampires after he served them for so many years.

Sheen also appeared in the action film, TRON: Legacy.

In 1995, Sheen became involved with Kate Beckinsale, whom he met while casting for The Seagull.

series, which was originally conceived by supporting actor and series regular Kevin Grevioux.

The stories depict the centuries-old struggle between the two species, which became popular (in no small part) because of the latex and rubber battle attire donned by horror heroine Kate Beckinsale. While Beckinsale will be absent from the new film, Mitra is not taking over her role as Selene.

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Much of the cast of the previous two films will return in their same roles.

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