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All three bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office for autopsies to determine causes of death, a police statement said.Officer Steve Moore said the children's mother found the bodies.Little Rock police believe Robert Mangan, 39, killed his four-year-old daughter Catherine and five-year-old son Joseph before he took his own life.The bodies were found Sunday by Mangan's wife, Linsday Mangan.

Ellington said he was not particularly surprised by Goline's case.Officials at both school districts did not immediately respond to requests for comment.The principal contacted police, who arrived at the school and read Goline her rights before taking her to jail.Wilburn went to the principal, who rushed to alert the superintendent.As Wilburn and the principal were filing the report, Goline herself burst into the principal's office. When the principal, Matt Wright, asked Goline what was wrong, she shook her head. Wright pressed Goline, asking her whether there was something she needed to tell him.

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